Saturday, 29 March 2008

Is Livingstone really to blame?

After reading what he has done for buses in London, including Harrow, I don't think he is to blame. Afterall in the eight years that he has been mayor he's done so much to fix London's transport crisis, especially buses. Ok so he might have introduced policies which we don''t like, such as children getting on for free and then causing grief. Nevertheless he has tryed to improve the safety of these buses by installing CCTV in ALL London buses. Come on this is great!!! This is something new which wasn't in force a couple of years ago. I was on a bus yesterday in Harrow and was able to report anti-social behaviour to the bus driver because I could see what was happening upstairs from a screen downstairs. FABULOUS! Furthermore, Livingstone plans to do alot more if he is re-elected.


scott said...

i live in harrow. I also thought that the buses were awful. but i never knew he had done so much. i think i will vote for him. hes the man to improve the service even more.

Anonymous said...

but he's made such a mess with the children getting on for free. i hate it. they cause so much trouble. to top it off he's also allowing people on benefits to get half price fares. o great we r gonna have buses full of nosey children and scroungers like teenage single mothers. a new mayor is definately needed. as for the cctv cameras they are all broken on the buses which i take. i live in kenton which is not to far away from harrow. the buses must improve soon.

shane said...

i don't really know if i want to re-elect Ken. Yea he's done alot but he could have done alot more to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Keep Ken out again. Boris proved to be OK. Ken is as the other Labour politicians a recless surveillance and regulation fanatic.
And what does e.g. all this CCTV really do? Thugs don't wear their name on their forehead. But it does record too many innocent people.