Monday, 17 March 2008


Back to usual!!! not only was the bus late and kids causing problems but there was nowhere at all to sit. ok so theres nothing unusual about that. of course the bus would be packed if it came late. the unusual thing was that some man had given a perfectly good seat to his big dog. (dogs aren't even allowed on buses, except guide dogs) and this was certainly not a guide dog. i thought it was terrible that an old lady had to stand up whilst a dog had a seat. I guess the dog got on free like the school children as well.


Anonymous said...

maybe the dog should pay as well : )

mel lines

jess said...

ok the dog shouldn't have been sitting on the seat. thats just gross. i thought only guide dogs were allowed on the bus

heena said...

well there are rules on the buses which state that no dogs are allowed. there are many other rules as well but it seems like bus drivers don't really care whether they are being broken. maybe people think they are just guidelines