Sunday, 20 April 2008

And I thought the school kids were bad.....

After Crystal Palace football club's victory against Watford last night the buses in Harrow were packed full of trouble.

I no longer think that being on a bus full of school kids is the worse journey on a bus you could possibly have...

Try being on a bus full of drunk football hooligans. Last night the bus was full of drunk football fans who made most passengers' journey hell. Not only were they loud but they were both physically and verbally disturbing other members of public on the bus.

Many of them verbally abused each other and punched the low ceilings of the walls. It was awful. The bus is for public use and they should have been more considerate. They eventually got off at the pub. I feel sorry for the people on the next bus they get on.

I'd rather be on the bus when school finishes than to be on a bus with those hooligans again.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Easter Break

Although Easter came early this year, some school children have just finished there Easter holidays. Being on a bus during the last two weeks has been a nightmare....ALL DAY!!! I found out that:

Firstly, teenagers today are generally worse than those when I was at school. Back when i was in school the most the 'naughty kids' done then was smoke upstairs. They used to put their bag over the mirror so the bus driver could not see. Ok this was quite bad as they were not following the rules of the bus and they were deceiving the driver. However, they are a lot worse now. A bus driver told me that they dismantle the seats and throw them outside the window, piece by piece, everyday. He said that he constantly finds his seats are missing and he preferred it when he had to stop them from smoking.

But its not all kids who do this. I get on a lot of buses in the Harrow borough. It's on these buses where I see the majority of anti-social behaviour taking place. Today I took a few buses in the borough of Hillingdon, there were plenty of teenagers on these buses. These kids just wanted to have a laugh yet they were aware that the bus is for public use and behaved well. They were polite and friendly. They also wanted to get where they wanted to be quickly so they didn't cause any disruptions. However, this could just be the case because they are not going to school.

Whilst in the Hillingdon area I also noticed a few other things. The bus ran frequently and was on time. I think that Harrow council should be aware of their poor service. Maybe that's why they have got people monitoring the times etc.

Please comment and tell me what the buses and kids on them are like in your area.