Saturday, 29 March 2008


How can London improve its bus service?
  • 25% agreed that more buses running would improve the quality of London's bus service.

  • 23% reflected the idea that the poor bus service was due to the present mayor and having a new mayor for London would mean a better bus service.

  • 20% responses concluded that the bus fares are too high and lowering the price would improve the bus service.

  • 16% suggested that an improved bus service would be in need of more staff to make the buses more safe.

  • 14% of votes casted want the mayor to reintroduce child fares. This is what I would have voted for myself.

  • Finally.....2% suggest to increase adult fares in order to improve London's bus service. That must have been a teenager.

Results are based on a survey responded to by 22 people who gave two votes each. Thanks to all those who spent their time to vote.

1 comment:

shane said...

how could someone vote for an increase in adult fares. they are too high as it is. it must be a child who voted for that.
nice poll anyways. maybe someone can do something about the dodgy buses now.