Sunday, 20 April 2008

And I thought the school kids were bad.....

After Crystal Palace football club's victory against Watford last night the buses in Harrow were packed full of trouble.

I no longer think that being on a bus full of school kids is the worse journey on a bus you could possibly have...

Try being on a bus full of drunk football hooligans. Last night the bus was full of drunk football fans who made most passengers' journey hell. Not only were they loud but they were both physically and verbally disturbing other members of public on the bus.

Many of them verbally abused each other and punched the low ceilings of the walls. It was awful. The bus is for public use and they should have been more considerate. They eventually got off at the pub. I feel sorry for the people on the next bus they get on.

I'd rather be on the bus when school finishes than to be on a bus with those hooligans again.


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